Why bin old favourites?

Are your jeans destined to never be worn again? Perhaps you have curtains that have seen better days, or a handbag that is past it’s best. Worry not, your old and unwanted clothes and home textiles don’t need to be binned. You can recycle them, for FREE, from your own home and give them another chance at life.

Some items such as pillows and cuddly toys can’t be recycled. But clean clothes, rags, shoes and home textiles can be. Simply pop them into a small clean bag, tied at the top and place it next to your rubbish or recycling bin when you put it out for collection each week.

When you recycle clothes and home textiles instead of throwing them away, it’s better for the planet and your local council, because it is more expensive to dispose of them as rubbish than to recycle or reuse them.

So what will happen to your unwanted items? If they are in good condition they may be reused. If however, they are in poor condition, they will be recycled and could be given another life by being made into something like stuffing or loft insulation.

Find out more about your local textile collection.