50% off compost bins for all Surrey residents!

Whether you’re a well-seasoned gardener or just learning the ropes, you can recycle your way to a bright and healthy garden this spring with SEP’s half-price compost bin sale! Not only will this garden accessory help rejuvenate winter-weathered plants, but it will also help you lessen your impact on the environment. Surrey residents can grab their exclusive 50% discount between 1 – 24 March.

Compost bins recycle your garden waste as well as some food waste from home instead of in your kerbside collection. Grass cuttings, leaves, vegetable peelings and even cardboard and straw can be collected and placed into your compost bin to create nutrient rich soil. In SEP’s spring sale, there’s a compost bin to suit every garden:

  • 220 litre black compost bin – £16.00 (reduced from £31.99)
  • 220 litre green compost bin – £17.00 (reduced from £33.99)
  • 330 litre black compost bin – £17.73 (reduced from £35.49)
  • 330 litre green compost bin – £18.50 (reduced from £36.99)

You can also buy a half-price hot composter, which takes all food waste as well as garden waste.

  • Green Johanna – £72.50 (reduced from £144.99)

All bins and composters come with free delivery. If you were interested in the Green Cone or the HOTBINs, not to worry, you can still pick one up from the SEP website with your standard discount rate.

Composting isn’t just a way of turning your waste into something beautiful, recycling your waste from home saves your local council money, which can then be redistributed to aid other essential services across Surrey and even reduces your carbon footprint. The benefits are endless!

To buy a discounted compost bin, visit the SEP website between 1 and 24 March.