Request a clinical waste collection

Request a separate weekly collection for hazardous clinical waste.

Clinical waste collection

Healthcare waste which is hazardous or infectious needs to be collected separately from normal household waste so it can be disposed of safely.

Your doctor or nurse will advise whether your waste needs to be disposed of separately, as many types of healthcare waste can be put in to your rubbish bin. Our healthcare waste and sharps page explains more.

There is a separate form to request a sharps collection for items such as needles or syringes.

To request a clinical waste collection please complete the form for the area where you live. The form will ask about the waste that needs to be collected and the colour of the sacks it will be placed in. It can be completed on your behalf by your doctor or nurse so they can provide this information. It will also ask where you leave the waste for collection.

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There are different forms to complete, depending on which area you live in.

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