Recycled garden waste makes for the ideal gnome

There’s no place like gnome in the winter, but now it’s time to head outdoors and get your garden prepped for summer. And what better way to get some gnome comforts than to recycle your garden waste and turn it into compost to help new things grow?

The best way to do it is to make some gnomegrown compost. It’s easy to do, is the most environmentally friendly option and, with compost bins from just £13, it’s cheap too.

You can also get your waste collected from your gnome sweet gnome by subscribing to our garden waste collection service. If you don’t produce much waste, you can share a subscription with a neighbour. Residents can also take garden waste to their local community recycling centre for free.

It’s gnome joke that garden waste shouldn’t go in the rubbish bin. It’s bad for the environment and costs taxpayers’ money that could be spent elsewhere.

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