Keep the good times going by recycling your clothes

The dazzling dress you wore to your birthday party. The trusty bag you took on your hiking holiday. The sparkly shoes you danced in until dawn. Your clothes carry your memories with them. But because recycled clothes and textiles can be worn again either in the UK or abroad, the good times can go on.

And if that makes you feel good, the fact that recycling clothes and textiles reduces waste, which helps the environment, will make you feel even better. Even unwearable items can be recycled by being turned into products like felt, insulation or stuffing.

It couldn’t be easier. Just put clean and dry clothes and textiles in a standard-sized, tied carrier bag and leave it next to your bin on your usual collection day. There are also textiles recycling banks at community recycling centres and in various locations around Surrey.

Find out more about recycling clothes and home textiles here or download the Recycle for Surrey app.