Recycling made simple

Recycling can be so confusing, can’t it? If you struggle to remember the rules of recycling and find keeping up with the various do’s and don’ts daunting, you’re not alone! Recycle Week has arrived and this year the theme focuses on how we can improve our recycling habits.

Putting the right things in your recycling bin is important – incorrect items are called ‘contamination’. When too much contamination is collected, it can prevent the whole lorry load of material from being recycled. Not only can putting the wrong items in your recycling negatively affect Surrey’s recycling rate, it also costs your council money that could be spent on other essential services.

However, the Surrey Environment Partnership (SEP) is here to help! Check out their resources below to help you recycle right:

• Use the online search tool or download the Surrey Recycles app for free today
• Read SEP’s five quick wins for your bins
• Download SEP’s guide to bossing your bins

We know it can be tempting to recycle everything in sight, but unfortunately not everything can be. Together, we can make a difference by brushing up on our knowledge and recycling the right things.

You can keep up to date with the latest hints and tips this Recycle Week by visiting SEP’s social media channels between 17 – 23 October.