HypnoCat says recycle your small electricals!

Unwanted electronics waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the UK and the world. Yet over 75% of materials contained in our unwanted electricals can be reused and turned into something else!

For example, did you know that:

  • Aluminium can be used over and over again without losing any of its quality.
  • 75% of aluminium ever created is still in use today, meaning that some of the aluminium in our electricals dates back to the 1960s!
  • Many electronic gadgets contain steel, which is 100% recyclable. It can be melted down and turned into new objects limitlessly.
  • Precious metals such as iron, copper, silver, gold, platinum and palladium can also be melted down, which means our gadgets are little treasure troves of reusable resources and therefore too good to throw away.

That’s why HypnoCat has stepped in with his timely reminder that in Surrey, it’s easy to recycle your small electricals. Items such as mobile phones, chargers, laptops, tablets, hairdryers and hair tongs – in fact, anything small with a plug, cable or battery can be recycled!

Find out how to recycle your small electricals here.