How to dispose of face masks safely

Face masks are a new normal essential, you already need to wear one when travelling on public transport and from 24 July you will also need one when visiting a shop or supermarket.

If you’re sporting a disposable face mask, after use, you will need to place it in your rubbish bin as it cannot be recycled.

If you’re self-isolating with symptoms of coronavirus, then you will need to double bag your face mask, along with any other personal waste and put it aside for 72 hours before placing into your rubbish bin. More information on what to do with your waste when you’re self-isolating can be found here.

Disposable masks can be worn only once so to help avoid waste, opt for a reusable mask instead. Reusable masks are much better for the environment and come in a range of different designs, you can even make your own with this handy guide.