Help The Planet AND Your Local School

The Surrey-wide Rethink Waste scheme, which launched this June, is now helping schools in Surrey do their bit for the environment. And you can help too, by signing up and donating your Rethink Waste points to your local school.

From 20 November 2023, primary schools in Surrey will be taking part in Rethink Waste. That means that anyone signed up to Rethink Waste will be able to donate the points they win, from engaging with weekly content, to the school of their choice. When the schools donations scheme ends, each school will win a share of a whopping £6,000, with schools that are donated the most points receiving the most money. The money will be used to deliver an environmental project within the school.

Rethink Waste is a free platform through which Surrey residents sign up online and receive weekly emails, which include engaging and gamified activities designed to help residents reduce the amount of waste they produce. Every time a member engages with content, they receive points, which can be used to donate to schools, charities or to enter prize draws.

Existing Rethink Waste members can donate points to a school from 20 November but if you’re not yet signed up to the scheme, you can do so now by visiting