Confused about recycling? You’re not alone!

It’s always a good idea to ‘know before you throw’ as putting the wrong items in the recycling bin can spoil the rest of the recycling, and it costs more for councils to deal with. But with local variations as to what can be recycled, and how, it’s not always easy!

To know what to do with waste that can’t be reused, take a look at our five recycling hacks:

1. Test your recycling know-how

Play our interactive recycling game to refresh your knowledge, and avoid ‘wish-cycling’. This is a great game for the junior recyclers in your life!

2. If in doubt, check it out

Some items look recyclable but actually aren’t, even if the label says so. Use our recycling search tool or download the free Surrey Recycles app to see how it’s done where you live.

3. Get it sorted

Remove all non-recyclable items. Also remember that food and garden waste, small electricals, batteries and textiles recycling are collected separately in most areas, they don’t go in your recycling bin. Use the recycling search tool or free Surrey Recycles app to check.

4. Keep it clean and dry

No food or drink as moisture and grease will ruin cardboard and paper and make it unrecyclable. Empty, rinse and dry food and drink packaging.

5. Loosen up

Place all items loose – nothing in bags, sacks or bin liners. Crews need to be able to quickly see the items to check they are recyclable.

Thank you for recycling what you can’t reuse – you are helping the planet every time.