Confused about recycling? You’re not alone!

Take the guesswork out of recycling

We all know that recycling is a good thing to do, but equally we’re aware of how confusing it can be to know what can or can’t go in your recycling bin. Putting unrecyclable items in your recycling bin is known as ‘wish-cycling’ and it costs local councils a huge amount to put right.

For waste that can’t be reused, take a look at some ways we can help:

1. Some items look recyclable but are not, even if the label says so

Avoid wish-cycling by using our recycling search tool or the free Surrey Recycles app. In some areas, items like Tetra Paks and crisp packets can’t be recycled at home, but you can take them to recycling banks or supermarkets that are running recycling schemes – use our search tool to check.

2. Refresh your recycling knowledge  

Play our interactive waste sorting game to find out more. Junior versus senior recyclers, see who wins!

3. Check what you can recycle separately

Remove all non-recyclable items. Food and garden waste, small electricals, batteries and textiles recycling are collected separately, they don’t go in your recycling bin. Use the recycling search tool or free Surrey Recycles app to check.

4. No food or drink

No food or drink as moisture and grease will ruin cardboard and paper and make it unrecyclable. Please empty, rinse and dry food and drink packaging.

5. All items loose in your recycling 

Nothing contained inside bags, sacks or bin liners. Crews need to be able to quickly see the items to check they are recyclable.

Small changes like swapping to reusables where possible will really help too, as you’ll be creating less for your bins in the first place. Find out more here