Tuesday 27 July 2021

Amey has reported that some food waste collections have not been completed in Woking today. If your food waste has not been collected, please leave your bin out for collection tomorrow.

Due to the national shortage of HGV drivers the fortnightly garden waste collection service in Woking is suspended for two weeks until Friday 30 July.

Please do not put your bin out or report your bin as missed. Your garden waste subscription will be extended to compensate for the missed collection, but please do renew it as normal to ensure there is no break in service.

We are working closely with Amey to resolve the situation as soon as possible. Further information can be found here.

You might also want to think about composting your garden waste at home. There is lots of information and advice about this on the Surrey Environment Partnership website.

If you are self-isolating with symptoms of coronavirus, please read our guide on how to deal with your waste.