Textiles and electricals recycling suspended

Collections of clothes, home textiles, small electricals and batteries will be suspended from Monday 30 March until further notice. The processors who usually take these items from us for recycling can no longer guarantee a regular service and there is limited storage space at our waste depots. The textiles recycling banks that are operated by a range of charities are also unlikely to be emptied regularly.

So please hold onto your clothes, home textiles, small electricals and batteries until these services return to normal. We apologise for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding during this challenging period. Please also share this information with your neighbours, particularly any that you know are not online.

All other collection services are currently operating as normal, but as we may see further impacts please check here for ways that you can help to reduce, reuse and compact your waste. You can also check the latest updates on the service in your area on this page.

It is also possible that recycling banks for other items such as tetra packs, glass and card will be affected and not emptied regularly. So we’d suggest you use our search tool to check if the item you’d normally take to a recycling bank can be recycled through your collection service. If not please hold onto it until recycling bank services are back to normal.