Garden waste service suspension

As the coronavirus pandemic is continuing to put pressure on waste and recycling services, collections of garden waste will be suspended from 28 December until 8 January. At a time when collections of rubbish, recycling and food waste are always busier than usual, this will enable us to focus on delivering those key services.

We have managed to maintain services during the pandemic, despite collecting extra waste and seeing more absence amongst crews due to coronavirus. But this will be harder to do at a time when waste volumes are likely to increase even further and the collection schedule will change to catch up after the bank holidays.

The amount of garden waste collected is generally low in the winter months, so we have the option to suspend it during the festive period. Doing this for a short period will allow us to prioritise the key services and every customer will only miss one garden waste collection.

The service will restart from 9 January, with collections for customers who would normally have been due on 25 December.
Garden waste customers who would like to recycle their Christmas tree can chop the tree up and put it in their bin to be collected once the service resumes. Alternatively, you can take your tree to your nearest collection point or community recycling centre.